Mesa Restaurant World Food Tour
including the SE Valley

Where can you find a Mesa Restaurant that has remarkable food from around the world? Anything near Mesa in the SE Valley of Phoenix?

Do you ever watch travel shows on cable where the beautiful people eat in fabulous foreign countries? Just think about the wonderful world foods that are waiting for you. Right here in the SE Valley.

Sometimes you dream of going to Europe of Asia for just a few hours. Maybe Mexico. But without the hassles. So what do your do?

Step out of your comfort level just a wee bit and check out a new world food restaurant. Live a little on the wild side.

At the same time you want a good adventure. That’s why this guide is here for you.

Think of it this way. Tour the world right here in the SE Valley! Maybe you are on a “staycation.” Since gas is expensive, a staycation is a great way to enjoy foods from around the world while you stay at the home hotel.

Visiting? Well here are some picks for remarkable restaurants that feature foods from Mexico, Germany, Italy, etc.

These Mesa restaurants are picked because the food is just fabulous. Maybe they are located in a drab part of town but don’t let that fool you. After all, some of the best eats in the world are located in rather ordinary neighborhoods. The value is in the food rather than a fancy extravagant building.

Here are the best picks for the world food tour:

Mesa Restaurants

Here is a fine Chinese Restaurant that has freshly prepared food in a quiet setting with mostly booths. The Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant in Mesa has a terrific menu when get that craving for Asian food. (for an all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet see the China City Buffet.)

How about a German restaurant? The Bavarian Point Restaurant is known to the local regulars. Unfortunately, this is now closed so try Zur Kate next door for great German food.  Just look for the lines of people outside!

Here's an Italian restaurant that specializes in thin crust pizza named Vito's Pizza & Italian Ristorante. They offer all kinds of Italian food in case you want more than pizza.

Chandler Restaurant

If you like Asian food with entertainment try out the Singing Pandas Restaurant & Bar.  Fun for the whole family!

Give this place a try when you want top quality food and fun entertainment except for Monday when they are closed.

They have a dinner show in the evening. Two shows are available on Friday and Saturday because they are getting popular.

Although if you just want the food there is a room on the side too with booths and tables.

Suitable for all ages including kids.

Gilbert Restaurants

Then there is a cozy place in downtown Gilbert called the Euro Cafe. Do you have a craving for something in the Greek to Mediterranean style, maybe with a European baked dessert? You can get a casual lunch to a fancy dinner with wine here.

Tempe Restaurants

How about a Restaurant known for quality authentic Italian food? Used to be near HoHoKam Park and moved to Tempe. You will love Rigatony's.

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