Mesa Arizona Hotels

and east valley hotels

Here are some Mesa Arizona Hotels including hotels in the SE Valley of Phoenix and Chandler. Get a quick idea of where to stay and what attractions are nearby.

How to find the right Hotel for you

See the maps below for the Mesa or east valley city to get a Google map, get directions, search nearby attractions, check reviews, go to the hotel website for reservations and check prices.

For example, let’s say you want to stay at the Hilton next to the Fiesta Mall. All you do is click on the hotel name and look at the map information box that has the hotel reviews, address, phone number and website for reservations.

Mesa Hilton

Hilton Mesa in Arizona

Try it out:

View Larger Map

Directions to Mesa Arizona Hotels

Note that you can click on the “View larger map” in the address balloon for the Mesa Hilton then you can get a map of how to get there with a blue line. All you have to do is type in the address and let the program figure it out.

If you want directions to go somewhere then click on "Directions" and type your destination. Try Fiesta Mall and see it in action.

How to find nearby attractions like restaurants

If you want to find something next to a hotel, just go to the “search nearby” box in the Google map balloon. For example, type in “restaurant” and it will locate nearby restaurants!

Like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Mimi’s Cafe. Try this feature on the map and you will be amazed at the free Google map technology.

How to get reviews for hotels.

Google reviews are interesting--to say the least. The reviews are all in one place so they are easy to scan. Then you can decide for yourself.

The quality of the hotel can be very subjective. One time we made the mistake of recommending a hotel in San Luis Obispo which seemed quaint, in a good location, and with a nice price. Well our relatives thought the place was a dive. Oops.

So you have to define what you want and how much you want to pay for it. You may not get a Hilton quality room for Motel X rates.

You know what a dive looks like. The problem is the next guy thinks it’s a palace. Just look at the reviews of the hotels. One reviewer will give 5 stars and the next 1 star. Overall you can see the trend with enough reviews.

How to see the neighborhood of the hotel from the comfort of your computer

One reviewer described a neighborhood as a “ghetto.” I checked the hotel and the “ghetto” was really a historical house district! So how do you decide? If you are concerned about the neighborhood go to the street view of the Google map.

If Google has taken an image of the streets you can look up and down the streets and take a 360 degree quick check. Just drag the orange person on top of the left slider bar to the map to see the street view. You will see this street view feature when you click the "View Larger Map" at the bottom of the map above.

What are the main things to look for?

Location to attractions, prices, availability, cleanliness, safety and polite staff are important to people. Click below to get details.

Map of the Mesa Arizona hotels

Map of the Chandler AZ hotels

Map of the Gilbert Arizona hotels

Map of the Apache Junction Arizona hotels

Search here for more hotels:


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