Singing Pandas--great Asian food and entertainment

Gramps called and said he found another dinner theater called the Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar.  Oh, and he said the food was really good.

Are you curious what the Panda thing is all about—maybe some costumes singing like panda bears?  Maybe some animatronic stuff like at Chucky Cheese?

Anyway, we met the family at this place near Chandler downtown.  Sat at a nice chair and table up front and ordered drinks.  The stage had some clothes racks with suits and various hats.  Then Elvis shows up and wow what a show. 

Singing Pandas DrinksSinging Pandas Drinks

Who would have known it is a fabulous lounge theater featuring an Elvis act!  It’s crazy fun.  And lots more characters than Elvis. 

The show is called the Legends Showcase. Kids will love the Kermit the Frog impersonation.  Blues Brothers, Sinatra-- the big ones are on the list.

And there is a nice place up front for dancing if you are inclined.

Singing Pandas FloorSinging Pandas Floor

The food is really good.  Top quality ingredients go fresh into  Chinese food and are cooked to perfection.  And no MSG according to a sign.

Then when the dinner theater show is almost over, and if you are lucky, the owner of the restaurant will come out and regale you with Chinese and Mandarin songs. She performed when she was a child as a famous singer in China.  And she knows how to work the crowd and walk around the tables.  Plus, the costuming is elegant and you really can’t take your eye off of her while she sings.

The really amazing thing is the price of the entertainment-- free for now.  There is a tip jar up front on the stage.   

Kids are welcome too.  One time I saw a toddler loudly fussing and the Elvis guy came by and gave him something to play with.  Problem solved.

This is not a stuffy venue and not super noisy either.  We could talk at a table and be heard.  It’s a bar so there is some drinking and it’s a good crowd.

Take your out of town visitors here and they will be well entertained as we were. 

Make sure you call ahead for reservations because it is getting very popular and can be sold out. The entertainment changes during the week so the Elvis act happens on some but not all the nights.  They are closed on Monday according to a sign.

There is an overflow area away from the entertainment room where you can sit in a booth or table for lunch.

By the way, if you like Elvis in general, in the east valley you can check out the Elvis Church in the Superstition Museum in Apache Junction (see link here)

What is the address for the Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant?

Singing Pandas RestaurantSinging Pandas Restaurant

Ok so here is their address with map below:

757 E. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone is 480-777-5050 for reservations

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