The Orange Patch Citrus Extravaganza

What is special about the Orange Patch Mesa AZ and the second location called the Orange Patch TOO?

Do you like the smell of citrus blossoms in the Arizona air? How about the delectable taste of fresh sun-ripened citrus fruit?

Just think, when most of the country is below freezing in the winter you can get local citrus that was ripened in the warm desert sun!

Can you taste the difference of sun-ripened fruit compared with the stuff that might have been picked green and shipped a long distance?

Find out for yourself when you bite into a slice of cut fruit that is in the sample tray.

Orange- tree ripened

The fruit taste is tangy in your mouth with the sweet acidic taste that you only get with fresh sun-ripened citrus. The local fruit seems to be as juicy as you can ever remember. Like when you were a kid picking fruit from somebody's tree in the neighborhood.

How long is the citrus season? Both stores get fruit most of the year except in the late summer and early fall. When the season is over in the hot part of the late summer they don’t have anything that is fresh picked so the Lehi Road location closes.

Arizona citrus was one of the early 5 C’s of the Arizona economy, the other ones being cattle, cotton, copper, and climate. Even with all the new homes and freeways, there still are vast citrus groves.

You can enjoy the taste of delicious citrus fruit right here in Mesa at these two stores. They grow Navels, Pink Grapefruit, RioRed Grapefruit, Arizona Sweets, Valencia’s, Tangerines etc.

Orange Patch Lehi Road location

This market is located in the Lehi Valley part of Mesa which is below the “mesa” in Mesa. You will see acres of citrus groves that flourish in the rich soil and the sunny climate. It is located on 2600 E. Lehi Road in Mesa.  Scenic but this is the northernmost store.

Orange PatchThe Lehi Road Store

The store is open most of the year except for the hot summer months when there is no fresh local fruit. So you might want to call ahead and find out what is in season. The phone is 480-962-4490.

Both stores are like a farmers market with dried fruits, nuts, candles and fresh fruit. The Orange Patch TOO (second location) has food and a lot of boutique items in addition to the fruit.

Interior of the Lehi Road StoreInterior of the Lehi Road Store

Second store (they call it TOO)

Orange Patch TOO

This one is located close to the main part of Mesa on 3825 E McKellips Rd. in Mesa, AZ 85215.

It is near Falcon Field Airport which is home of the Air Force Museum.  This location is open all year long and the hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00-5:30. When the season is over in the summer to early fall they won’t sell citrus because there isn’t any fresh, local fruit. You can call ahead and find out what is available to be sure. Phone is (480) 832-0230.

You can still look around the gift store when there is no fresh fruit because they sell gifts for your home like candles, etc. That part of the store is called the Front Porch Boutique.

There is lots of parking in the rear if the front gets crowded with cars. You will see some nice trees in the back too.

Here's their website for more information:

Arizona Citrus TreeArizona Citrus Tree

Map of both store locations in Mesa

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