Elegant Dining at the Landmark Restaurant
(permanently closed May 2015)

The first thing we noticed at the Landmark Restaurant in Mesa Arizona was how crowded the large parking lot was. Tells us right away this place is popular. Turns out there was a beautiful wedding and some banquets in action. Now it is a place for weddings.  Photos below are when it was a restaurant.

You will notice how well maintained the building is. The manicured lawns have the green glow of new winter rye. Everything is clean and fresh looking which is remarkable for the age of the place.

Landmark Restaurant Mesa ArizonaLandmark Restaurant Mesa Arizona

What's the history of the Landmark Restaurant?

Originally built as a Mormon Church in 1908, it was also an insurance company, then became the original campus of the Mesa Community College! And now a restaurant!

Be sure to explore the downstairs and check out the historical photographs. There’s one with a stagecoach headed up to Roosevelt Dam. Then one of Zane Grey’s Cabin in 1945. One of Teddy Roosevelt at Chandler court around 1911 for the dedication of Roosevelt Dam. Tom Mix, the cowboy and Hollywood star. And the hoot of them was the 5 members of Mesa’s finest standing in uniform behind an ancient motorcycle.

Their website below has a lot more history that makes the visit here so interesting.  For example, one of the things that is so unique about this area are the canals.  Used to be one on the east side of the restaurant which is now Extension.  If you like to know more about the canals in Mesa check out Park of the Canals.

Hallway with historical picturesHallway with historical pictures

What about the Food?

When you get to the top of the stairs put your name in and notice the elegant dining room. The tables are set with white table linen and the walls are beautifully wallpapered. Looking up you will note the large golden sparkling chandeliers.

Elegant interior seatingElegant interior seating

You will love the salad bar, or should I say “salad feast room.” You will be amazed at how diverse the food is. This is not just a bunch of rabbit food, you can select steaming hot meat dishes like zesty meat balls, BBQ chicken and on and on.

Location and more information

The phone number for reservations is (480) 962-4652.  Keep in mind that for major occasions like Mother's Day it gets crowded--really crowded. If you just show up you might have to wait in a long line.

For more information and pictures of the place see their website: http://landmarkrestaurant.com/

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