Christmas Light Show

by Jon
(1738 W. Carmel Ave Mesa, AZ 85202)

1738 W. Carmel Christmas Light Show

1738 W. Carmel Christmas Light Show

Three years ago we bought our home after living in an apartment for 12 years. The one thing I missed about home ownership was decorating for Christmas. My mission these past few years has been to inspire my neighbors to put effort into decorating their yards during the holidays (I have seen some progress!) My front yard decorations for the first two Christmases were worthy efforts, however this year's decorations have caused travelers to pause in the middle of the street. With nearly 15,000 lights, every square inch of my front yard (and parts of the house itself) are covered in lights. If this was the totality of my story, I would not consider it worth telling it. The light sequence shows to music is what makes this yard stand out from all those in my neighborhood.

John's Reply:Thanks Jon for sharing your decorations! Really dressed up based on the great picture.

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