Phoenix ZooLights is just one of those must-do activities around the holidays. The days are short, the sky gets dark early, so you have lots time for outdoor fun.


It's all about looking at the terrific light displays and getting a healthy walk with friends and family. Lots of trees packed with zoo lights and whimsical animal shapes the kids will love!

Phoenix Zoo Lights BearPhoenix Zoo Lights Bear

Even though the real animals are mostly sleeping by this time, there are thousands of bright colored lights to look at and enjoy. You will love the way the holiday music coordinates with the lights in the trees. Be sure to walk by the main lake in the center and take your time to see the light show.

The light displays are custom built at the zoo.

For example the tree sculptures were created at the zoo. Same with the animal light sculptures.

New this year is additional LED lighting and an improved light show.

They call it “Music in Motion” and it happens frequently around the main lake. You will see thousands of lights that dance to the rhythm of the music. Also watch the light tubes on the water with the giant sphere that is synchronized with the music.

There are lots of things to do with the kids.

For example, there’s even a carousel ride.

Phoenix ZooLights Carousel at night

Make sure you meet Jengo the talking giraffe, especially if you have kids. Why? Well you just have to see kids talking with a mechanical giraffe. The conversations are hysterical.

Jengo must have had a “cold” because it sneezed all over the people in front. A fine mist water spray comes out of its nose, so be on the lookout!

There were also camel rides that you could take with a kid.

It’s a short ride for the money but there is room for more than one passenger.

When the ride is over they stop for a moment so you can take a picture.

Walk up through the Arizona Trail (just turn left when you get in) and you can see some interesting lights on the trees. Here’s a picture of a large tree that was tightly wound with the same color lights.

neon blue lights on a treeneon blue lights on a tree

Tickets are available after October 1st. It is open before Thanksgiving and continues after New Year's. See dates here


Note that if you are a zoo member you can get discount Phoenix Zoo Lights tickets. This is another good reason to join.

You can to see it every night from 6pm to 10pm. Even open on December 24 and 25th!

In past years there were unbelievable crowds just waiting to get in lines for the shuttles. So the best nights if you want the fewest crowds probably will be during the weeknights early in the week. Get there on a Saturday evening and who knows…

For tickets or reservations you can call 602-273-1341 from 8:30 am to 4pm daily. To get more information click on this link:


You support the zoo by attending this special event. So just think, you can enjoy the show and do your civic duty! You will support this non-profit zoo which is also non-tax supported. This special event is also sponsored by SRP and other companies.

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