Ted's Hot Dogs

Charcoal Grilled

Can you get remarkable food that’s a good price? Well check out Ted's Hot Dogs Arizona. This restaurant has some of the best charcoal broiled hot dogs this side of NY.

Ted's Hot Dogs in Tempe ArizonaTed's Tempe Arizona

I don’t remember how we found this place, but there were always cars in the parking lot, so we knew it had to be tasty and priced right. So we decided to check it out.

It was a hot day. Really hot. Even for Arizona it was hot. The temperature outside was about 110+ that day and yet there was a long line to get hot dogs! Must be a good sign you think.

waiting line for grillwaiting line for grill

The line goes fast enough to get you drooling just smelling the food.

And cheap.

The sign above where you order reads “Cash Only.” Brace yourself; this isn’t going to be expensive. You won’t need a card or a wad of cash.

Anyway as you inch along in the line you will notice the feverish activities of the line cooks. Especially interesting is how they fix your dogs. They start with some great hot dogs but the magic is in the preparation.

Wow, it smells as good as it looks!

You’ll see smoke and sparks flying. Look down and you’ll see the red hot glowing embers beneath the grill as your dog is prodded, rolled, and worked over to pick up the smoky aroma of the charcoal.

Oh and the onion rings!

Picture fresh light battered crunchy onion rings in a bag on your plate, the hot steaming onion smell playing with the hot dog flavor.

Close your eyes and think of the smell.

Now remember the smell of sauerkraut and mustard.


The rings are as good as the dogs. And they are made fresh every day. Are you drooling yet?

The smells make you think of July 4th fireworks and camping out, and backyard grilling. Only you enjoy this in the comfort of a bug free, air conditioned, sit down booth.

Of course they have other things too like chicken and burgers but the hot dogs are the best. And there are all kinds of dogs—they have the Foot Long, the Jumbo, Chili Dogs, brats, polish etc.

Not sure, but it seemed to me there were a lot of New Yorkers in Ted's Hot Dogs. There was an east coast kind of feel with lots of old pictures on the walls.

Did you know that Theodore, or Ted of Ted's Hot Dogs, was actually a Greek immigrant? He started out in business by pulling a cart full of hot dogs with his horse. He moved up to a shack that he bought in 1927 and the rest is history.

Ted’s Hot Dogs is famous in Western New York with most locations around Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Ted's Hot Dogs in Tempe Arizona location

We are lucky in Arizona to be able to enjoy the one that is just west of the border of Mesa and into Tempe. The location is 1755 E Broadway Rd. You’ll find them on the SW corner of McClintock and Broadway. Phone (480) 968-6678. See the map below.  Website: https://www.tedshotdogs.com

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