Where are Queen Creek Jobs?

What kind of Queen Creek jobs are out there? This city in the southeast corner of the valley next to Phoenix has some large industries and lots of wide open farming areas.

If you live there you can commute to jobs in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe via the 202 San Tan Freeway. The interesting thing is you have lots of choices for freeways (see map). You might even drive up Ellsworth and hop on the 60. Commute times depend on the time of day, traffic and your destination.

It may feel like the sticks but this is the secret of living here, you get the benefits of the peaceful country while living close to the city, airports, etc. For example, you can drive a few minutes and get to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Williams Air Force Base).

This city of 26 square miles borders on some open desert including the San Tan Mountain Regional Park. Here is a map of Queen Creek showing the relationship to the east valley of Phoenix and the close proximity of the mountains:

Map of Queen Creek
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What’s it like to live here?

Queen Creek has a lot of farming areas with views of the Superstition Mountains to the north and the San Tan Mountains to the south. It’s a growing community, a couple of decades ago it was just farmland. Here's a picture of a corn field at the Schnepf Farm.

Corn at the Schnepf FarmCorn at the Schnepf Farm

The city is rural but newer homes have been built next to outdoor places like the Schnepf Farm and the Queen Creek Olive Mill across the street. You are also fairly close to where the yearly Arizona Renaissance Festival is held in the spring.

What are the major employers in Queen Creek?

There are a lot of farms. Then industries like TRW (best known for auto parts) and Banner Ironwood Medical Center. A lot of people commute outside the city too.

If you are thinking of an employer not listed here why not search the company in the Google search box below? Go to the site and see if they are hiring.


Where can I find Queen Creek jobs related to the government?

Queen Creek: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/queencreek/default.cfm

Queen Creek City and Chamber of Commerce links

These are great sites for getting some background on jobs in Queen Creek.

City of Queen Creek http://www.queencreek.org/

Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce http://www.queencreekchamber.org/

Plus you get some cool history.

For example, how did Queen Creek get its name? Well here's the story. There was a mine in an eastern city of Superior in the Tonto National Forest. This was located in the mountains east of present day Queen Creek. The mine was called the “Silver Queen.” And there was a creek that passed by the mine called Queen Creek which flowed into the area now called Queen Creek. So now you know!

Other interesting sites

The local newspaper is the Arizona Republic and their website is AZcentral.com.

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