What is the Art Studios at the Mesa Art Center?

Remember the joy of art when you were a kid?

Bring back the joy at the Mesa Art Center Art Studios!

Think back to a time when it was fun making art with your own hands.

Chances are you got a good grade from the teacher, probably an automatic A for your report card. And mom or dad said nice things about your art efforts. And it didn’t have to resemble a Michelangelo to be appreciated.

Why stop the fun when you grow up? You won’t believe all the possibilities at the Mesa Arts Center Art Studios.

Kids can join the fun too. They even offer a class called “Pots for Tots.” The “Mud Pups” class is for kids 6-12. Then there is a teen class where your kids can learn the pottery wheel.

The Visual Art Studios

The Esma and Eddie Basha, Sr. Ceramic Studio

There is something indescribable as you wrap your hand around a cold damp lifeless slab of brown clay and then spin it into something that you can be proud of. It is fun to learn how to make ceramics.

Ceramic Wheel StudioCeramic Wheel Studio

An expert teacher is there to guide you and get you started on your adventure. For example, let’s say you are having difficulty centering a small piece of clay on a wheel to make a tea cup. The instructor might suggest you start with a large piece of clay and form the cup on the top, then simply cut off the finished product and start a new one. It is much easier to learn from someone with experience rather than flail around!

Experiment with all kinds of glazes which look like muddy Grand Canyon water until the clay gets fired. The surprise is what the glaze will look like when you get the finished piece.

They have a monster rail kiln that moves on what looks like train tracks. There are also specialty kilns that you can learn about like the electric, raku, soda and saggar kilns.

Rail KilnRail Kiln

Rail Kiln InnerdsRail Kiln Innerds

Try out different projects like some “wild and crazy” modern art, or maybe something useful and practical. Did you know you can make your own tea cups, olive oil dippers etc? Here’s a cool tea cup that was a cherished gift:

Tea CupTea Cup

Think of how fun it is to create something beautiful out of basically nothing. Then think of how fun it is to give it away as a gift. People really appreciate hand-made over store-bought.

Glass Studio at the Mesa Art Center Art Studios

Do you ever marvel at the creative art of a glassblower? You can see a show every year at the Arizona Renaissance Faire.

But wait! Did YOU ever want to learn how to glass blow art objects? Maybe you might want to take a stab at it yourself?

Can you imagine the look on your friends faces when you show them the art YOU made from the glass studios?

“Why thank you dear/my good fellow, it was nothing really!”

Here is a glass ornament that was bought at the Mesa Arts Center giftshop. Looks rather nice on a Christmas tree!

There’s more at the Mesa Art Center Studios. There also is a:

  • Painting Studio
  • Printmaking Studio
  • Jewelry and Metals Studio
  • Sculpture Studio
  • Photography Studio
  • Multimedia Studio

And that is just part of the studios!

Performing Art Studios

The Performing Art Studios offer classes in acting, drama, dance, music, arts etc. This includes what they call “Stageworks” (which was called Mesa Youtheatre) in the past where people can learn drama and dance.+

What Now?

Itching to get started at the Mesa Art Center Art Studios? When you are ready to register for a class, here’s the site for the upcoming class registrations: http://www.mesaartscenter.com/visual-arts-classes-performing-arts-classes-learn.html  Phone is (480)644-6520.

Now you know why it is called the Mesa ARTS Center because there are so many types of arts here!

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