Enjoy Jazz in the Garden under the stars

What is there to do on Friday after work? Jazz in the Garden! Head over to the Desert Botanical Garden for a fun evening date. Enjoy music, fine food and wine, and if you have time check out the gardens.

The spring concert series are held from February through June. The doors open at six. This will give you plenty of time to find a parking spot, stake out your seats, and get something to eat.

We got there in time to catch this cactus in bloom:

Cactus flowers at the Desert Botanical GardenCactus flowers at the Desert Botanical Garden

Is there food at Jazz in the Garden?

Wander up the hill to the Ullman Terrace for the concert. Or just follow your nose and when you get close the smells of food and sautéed garlic in the air will get more pungent the closer you are to the Patio Cafe and a Full Cash Bar. Hungry?

Food is also served at the entrance restaurant called Gertrude's. This is gourmet style and you can get fabulous tasting fresh food cooked here.  Really very tasty.  But you might be in a hurry so head up the hill to the Ullman Terrace.

The Patio Cafe is faster and you can bring the food to your table and chairs. It is priced right and a chef will cook it fresh for you.

We have had ribs with sweet potato fries and lots of garlic. Or steak salad with lots of garlic. Last time was yummy fish tacos, and no garlic.

Then take it to your table or chair.

Get there early if you want to stake out a table, although it feels like a picnic when you eat off your lap. Tables are much better if you order a bottle of wine with your dinner.

What is the music venue like?

This is for adults only, no children are allowed because wine is served.

Other than that there is a nice mix of all ages.

Is it crowded?

When you think of a “concert,” do you mentally picture an insane mob scene or a standing room only type venue?  Mosh pit?

Jazz in the Garden is different.

Seats are limited and many shows are sold out.

This will help you enjoy the serenity of these concerts and no elbows in the side. So call ahead for reservations. Phone (480) 481-8188.

You can stretch out your legs because there is so much room. Slouch a little back in you chair and then look up at the sky and you might see the moon and a shooting star. Ahhh the good life! The warm air feels energizing at night.

Ullman Terrace seating for Jazz in the GardenUllman Terrace seating for Jazz in the Garden

We enjoyed a group called Shri Blues. They are an Arizona based group that travels all around the world. So it was special that they were here at the Desert Botanical Garden.

The concerts in AZ are entertaining and you really can’t beat the location. What kind of jazz will you hear? What's the quality? These jazz groups often perform in upscale night clubs so you get the idea of the kind of music you can hear.

Here's a picture of a guitar jazz group at night on the Ullman Terrace stage:

Ullman Stage night scene

Ullman Stage

Saguaro Cactus at night

Saguaro Cactus

Then when the concert is over the best part is the walk out with the beautiful lights on the desert cacti. Feel the cool night air. And enjoy the scenery is that is unique to Arizona.

Check their website for the latest artists and more information: http://www.dbg.org/events

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