Why go to the ASU Gammage?

Get ready for some world-class live theater when you go to the ASU Gammage in Tempe. When you watch professionals work their craft, the time and travel is well spent.

We saw the “Rat Pack Live at the Sands” and you have to marvel at those magical times in Las Vegas.

The experience was the best of their music and entertainment.

Frank Sinatra was suave, and sounded like the real article. His royal booziness, Mr. Dean Martin was terrific as he pretended to be drunk, and then Sammy sang and tap danced.

And the choreography of the dancers was amazing.

ASU GammageASU Gammage

This is the place where you can see the sensational landscapes of the Broadway plays such as the Phantom of the Opera. You need lots of room on the stage to do justice to great live theater. Like when you see the giant chandelier that comes to life as it swivels off of the ceiling. And the expansive stage effects like the enchanted candles that magically rise out of the water bathed in flowing ground fog.

There is a huge parking lot surrounding the theaters. It fills up fast.

No problem, because you will be directed to the ample covered parking just east of the theater. It was free when we attended.

And there is lots of security to guide traffic. So you get out fast when the show is over.

Gammage with water fountainGammage with water fountain

Photos don't do the place justice. Here is a panoramic view of the structure with a fountain in the foreground:

Panoramic Movie of ASU Gammage

The Gammage is a landmark next to the Arizona State University in Tempe. It was named after a past President of ASU.

The building was designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright.

Why do you care about architecture? Well besides looking great, the acoustics are such that wherever you sit you can hear the entertainment.

Anyway the sound is world class.

If you like entertainers like Tony Bennett then you will really appreciate the acoustics because you can hear every word and nuance of the music.

It’s for kids too. The Lion King played here.

Shows like Wicked, CATS, and Stomp played too.  Want to find out what is played next?  Read below.

ASU Gammage show times & tickets

If you want to check for show time and online tickets click on this link: ASU Gammage Shows and Tickets. You can also pick up your tickets at the will-call windows. The phone number for information is (480) 965-3434.

ASU School of Music

If you like music try out a free recital in the ASU School of Music just north of the Gammage. You will be blown away by quality of the experience. For example, the recital we attended was for an oboe master's program. Some of the accompaniment included a concert grand piano, guitar and a singer that sounded like an opera angel. And it was free?

Graduate recital events take place around the building that looks like a "birthday cake." There were no crowds and no ticket fees when we went to the recital at the Katzin Concert Hall. Here's a link to the schedule if you want to try some live music:
ASU School of Music Calendar

What is a secret about the ASU Gammage?

Anyway back to the Gammage. One of the cool things about the place is that the aerial view of the Gammage Auditorium is like a guitar. So check out the map below using an aerial view from Google Maps. See if you can make out the “guitar.”

Aerial View of Gammage showing guitar shape
View Larger Map

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